I like the spaces on the margins.  Hotel rooms, vehicles, maps, and trailers meet UFOs and aliens.  All things from the known and unknown world collide in that space in the middle, that moment of being neither here nor there.  This, for me, is a space of potential, of limitless possibilities.  The ultimate commute.  Spaces are created with openings and voids, a metaphor for poverty and unexpected loss, the holes we crawl out of.  Lines and edges, manifest as road stripes and painted squares, become the limitations we place upon ourselves.


My work is about home and house, the visually uncanny, finding our bearings, charting a course, and the pitfalls we encounter along the way.  It is also about seeing the possibility that comes along with tragedy, those turning events that alter the course of our life’s trajectory and the newness that opens up to us when where we thought we were going shifts course without our consent.